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Accumounts USA

At Accumounts USA, we are committed to providing products that make peoples' lives better. The founder of Accumounts USA, Tom Sohrt, started this company because he saw his 91 year old mothering in law struggling to be active because she did not want use a walker. She felt she was slowing everyone down because she would frequently stop to rest. So Tom developed the Joyride. The Joyride made the walker more secure and it allowed his mothering in law to sit in her walker and be pushed while facing outwards when she needed to rest and then get up and walk with the walker when she was ready. After using the Joyride, she was so much happier and enjoyed going to places like Disneyland and Knott's Berry Farm. Walkers are a tremendous help, but they do come with risks. Over 47,300 people over 65 have suffered walker related injuries. The Joyride and walker locker help make walkers safer and more helpful for the people who need them.

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